Follow these easy steps to load your Business

+ Read our Terms and Conditions
+ Register/login to the Lalakoi Directory and follow the steps.
+ Then click on “Add Your Market/Stall” on main menu.
+ On this page you will find 2 listing packages to choose from. Make your choice.
+ Now fill in all the fields as requested. Remember tags are very important. Those are your keywords. Enter about 6 to 8 keywords.
+ CATEGORIES Click on “Select Category” If your category has not yet been loaded, choose the “uncategorized” category and we will create a category for you.
+Now your address, Choose your City and then your postal code. Set the map marker on your position on the map. This will set your Address Latitude and Longitude.
+ IMAGES We try and keep the directory as uniform as possible. Please load only landscape images, preferably a size of 640px X 480px
+ Now fill in the rest of the fields as required. If you do not have info for any of the fields, leave open. E-mail address and at least one phone number is important as you want potential customers to contact you.
+ The last action to be done after you have previewed your listing is to hit the “Submit Listing” button. Your free listing is ready for approval.
We want to keep our directory neat and without any dirty content. For that reason each listing must be approved by our website admin before published.