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Welcome to the Markets and Stalls Directory

Since the lock down started on the 26 March and all stall owners at all the markets were not allowed to trade, I constantly had my friends in mind who would  not be able to earn an income. As I also traded as a stall owner for more than 5 years, I realized in what position they would be. As courier services are now allowed, some of the stall owners are now also permitted to sell their products, as long as they keep to the regulations. I came up with the following plan.

I created the directory which will make it possible for all markets and stall owners/managers in the Garden Route to place listings on this directory for their products without any cost involved for at least 12 months. On my side there will be costs involved. I will have a button on the directory where you can participate in covering the costs. I want to make it very clear that nobody will be forced to pay a cent. It is only out of free will. If you feel the directory works for you and you could gain any sales from using it, hit the pay me button and do a secured payment via PayFast.

On the footer under “IMPORTANT INFORMATION” there are two subjects 1. “Who may Advertise”  and  2. “Terms and Conditions”. Here you will really get important information.

If you feel to contribute towards the development of this directory, please hit the “Pay Now ” button and pay R75.00 via Payfast

Different Searches

We believe that different people search websites in different ways. We have incorporated 4 different ways to search the directory.
1. By Town
2. By Category
3. Advanced Search for either Listings
4. A search in the top menu bar which gives you listings and articles and specific businesses.

Markets in the Garden Route

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